Pink Bubbles

Wellington puts out a not bad publication called Capital.

It’s edited by Alison Franks ( and published by the Bristeds I think. You can see more about the mag on Facebook. Anyway, I was impressed enough by the quality of writing, choice of subject material, and design to subscribe.

Also they have good people writing for them – real writers, not wannabes playing at writing, people like Sarah Lang, Joelle Thomson.

In one of the back issues I was given (which prompted me to subscribe even though I don’t live in Wellington, they cover the greater Wellington region) Joelle wrote this about us:

What do you do with Pinot Noir grapes when you want to make a top pink drop? One option is to turn it into sparkling wine, as Simon Groves is doing on Te Muna Road, Martinborough. The wine will wear the Redbank Estate brand of Colin Carruthers and Deborah Coddington’s vineyard. Groves is their winemaker. He stuck to the classic formula for high-quality sparkling wine production, picking the grapes at pretty low sugar levels to create a sparkling wine with high natural acidity; this makes it taste fresh. The wine’s pale pink colour comes from minimal skin contact and Groves expects the price to be ‘accessible rather than high’. This wine is a traditional method – which means that its second fermentation (when the CO2 dissolves, causing the fizz) will take place in the bottle, and the wine is then aged in the bottle to gain flavor. About 2,000 bottles will be released in late 2016.

The name we are giving this pink bubbles remains, at present, a closely guarded secret.

san fran wine tasting & nob hill 025


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