Chenin Blanc

In October last year we ripped out a few rows of Pinot Gris and replaced them with some Chenin Blanc.

I know, I know, it’s difficult to sell, and  yardy yardy yar. But we love Vouvray, with its distinctive dry yet rich flavour. Jancis Robinson calls true Vouvray (from Loire) “medium sweet, reasonably acid” and in my view she’s bound to be correct, but the best Chenin Blanc produced in New Zealand which I love is Millton’s from Gisborne. It’s delicious. We won’t be calling ours Vouvray, obviously. Not allowed, but that would be pretentious anyway.

I took a photo when the guys started digging the holes for the baby vines, and today  (in 33C degree heat) I took some snaps of the young vines and just three months on they’re thriving.

2015-10-07 12.23.54.jpg 2016-02-03 15.56.52.jpg


In three years’ time, hopefully, I shall be having my first taste of our Chenin Blanc, just as today I tasted our first Chardonnay from vines planted thirty-six months ago.

The  Chardonnay’s delicious. Oaked, not too woody, still fresh tasting with some fruit. We’d hoped for a Chablis style but the vines were determined to do their own thing and at least we don’t have a big oakey turn-your-mouth-inside-out and wither up your balls Chardonnay.

Coming soon to an outlet near you.


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