Te Muna Valley – New Labels for Redbank Estate


Te Muna Valley Rose Label

When we completed the new winery and finished our first vintage, 2013, here on the property at Te Muna Road, it was the first time all our grapes had been processed on site.

We have a new winemaker, Simon Groves, and we have new wine varietals, specifically Rose, Pinot Gris Italian Style, and Pinot Gris Autumn Harvest, as well as continuing with the ever popular James Pinot Noir, James Pinot Gris, and Syrah and Viognier.

So we’ve been thinking for the past 12 months that perhaps it was time to move on from the old James label for all our wines, into a new, fresh look. With the help of Mike, designer at Lamb Peters Print in Greytown, we’ve come up with this, clean, crisp and modern, but still classic design, using an adapted photograph of our property.

The link with James wine will remain, as the Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris will be Te Muna Valley James Pinot Noir and James Pinot Gris, and all our wines, of course, are grown at Redbank Estate.

Our back labels are minimalist, covering off all the legal requirements and (important) easy to read in dimly lit restaurants.

Shown here are just the Rose front and back labels.

Already we’ve had very favourable reactions from Auckland restaurants – not just to the labels, of course, but to Simon’s new wines.

We hope you like them too.

Te Muna Valley Rose labels 015



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