A Burst of Publicity

Te Muna Valley wine labels 002I’ve been prompted to update the website slash blog after wine writer and critic Joelle Thomson visited Martinborough over summer and published two great articles about our vineyard, and our wines. This has led visitors to this site, and, we hope, to drink more of our wine.

The vineyard is looking a picture, as you can see from the photograph, taken a week ago, just before the nets went on. The vines are trimmed, weeds all under control, grass mown. The new winery now looks as if it’s been there for years, not just 13 months.

We’ve bottled our first vintage (2013) of Rose, Pinot Grigio (bone dry Pinot Gris), late autumn harvest Pinot Gris, and James Pinot Gris, and the Rose is a stand out. Not too lolly, it’s made with Syrah and Pinot Noir. And, of course, we’ve only tasted the ‘end-of-run’ wine, that is, the bottles left over when they’ve finished bottling the main vintage, which means it’s the wine at the bottom of the tank. Plus it’s suffering from ‘bottle shock’.

On Saturday February 1st, 2014, we got a great surprise to see a fantastic write-up by Joelle in the Dominion Post ‘Your Weekend’ section titled “Family First” about our vineyard. You can read it also in Joelle’s online wine magazine http://www.joellethomson.com/BLOG++COLUMNS/Martinboroughs+new+winery.html

It’s a lovely write-up, paying tribute to the people who helped Colin establish the vineyard – John Porter and Larry McKenna.

Also, we like what she said about the 2008 Pinot Noir:

“This wine does Colin Carruthers proud with its velvet smoothness, its luscious core of red fruit and its drink-me-now style. Six years old and just coming into its own, it’s a lovely drink.”

Of course you can get it from martinboroughwinecentre.co.nz or from me – deb.coddington@xtra.co.nz


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