Earthquake Appeal – Martinborough Generosity

It’s amazing how Martinborough people have opened their hearts, arms and most importantly, wallets for the people of Christchurch. For it’s no use simply asking, “what can we do?” The best thing for the people of this munted city is cash, cash, cash. Give until it hurts, as I wrote in my column.

Palliser Estate generously gave $10,000, as you can read in Richard Riddiford’s blog (so long as you don’t mind reading prose without punctuation – it’s sort of post-modernism).

But the village made an enormous combined effort for the Red Cross. Helen Campbell, wife of Farmer (He-Who-Must-No-Longer-Be-Named) phoned me and said she felt so sorry for all the devastated people who’d been wiped out by the quake, she’d decided to hold a mini-market in our newly refurbished and renovated St Andrews Church hall. The one we’d raised all the money for last year when we held the Home and Country Garden tour. (We’re repeating that in November, by the way, with added extras.)

Blimmin’ Hell, Helen. I said. You’re a holy terror. Yes of course I’ll help. I was put in charge of Devonshire teas. Plus I baked a multitude of cakes and cupcakes, Queen cakes and biscuits, packaged them up prettily in cellophane bags and tied them up in Canterbury colours.

Sue, from the local dairy, baked us 100 scones, so I gave her a bottle of our Redbank James Pinot Noir. Jan from Providore, and Robyn, and Lesley from aforementioned Palliser helped me with Devonshire teas.

But the hall was the big drawcard, and the sausage sizzle. The baking table was literally groaning with cakes, biscuits, meringues, what have you.

There was produce from people’s gardens:

Gorgeous flowers:

Dinny from Soeur Design displayed the clothes so it didn’t look like the local jumble sale or a dungery old church fair:

And Susie took over the children’s clothes so no one needed to feel ashamed to buy:

And here’s Helen bossing about with the raffles (Now this must go here, and that must go there…..) with John:

And here are some local ladies enjoying their Devonshire teas:

And in a morning, and a bit of the afternoon, we raised $7010.10!

Not bad for a small community.


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