Christmas 2010

Just three days until Christmas Day. One more Christmas Party tonight, then tomorrow we make the Summer Pudding and the Trifle for Christmas dinner. Farmer Ian at Te Muna has already cooked our ham for us, in the traditional method of his father before him, in a copper. So we will glaze it on Saturday. We’ll also cook the turkey, to be collected from Scottie’s, the butcher in Martinborough, who also happens to sell the best meat in the world. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Whenever we return from travelling to the States or Europe, I relish Scottie’s beef – well-aged, delicious. And the lamb is just so tender and tasty. His spelling is creative. Sometimes you can buy lambs’ brians, or scoth fillit, and the other day I had to ask him what chicken drumstits were, but I bought some anyway. But his heart is pure gold.

CCQC and I each have some of our family here for Christmas Day, so that will be lovely. And we’ve both finished our Christmas shopping. But after Christmas we’re driving through to Havelock North, in Hawke’s Bay, to look for garden sculptures, as part of our Christmas presents to each other.

Our own mini-Toast Martinborough which we hold every year at Redbank, that is, our Christmas celebratory lunch for locals where we promote the vineyard and our wine, went off very well this year. We had the most perfect summer day with no wind. Everyone seems to love our Pinot Gris, and now the Viognier. Unfortunately for Richard Riddiford the purchases of his Palliser wines have diminished – we always used to buy his whites but now we just buy his sparkling (because Palliser sparkling wine is the best New Zealand sparkling wine).

Nick and his team from Medici did the catering again, and everyone raved about the food. No wonder, Nick not only does a great job with imaginative food, but because he knows how farmers and wine people like to fill their plates with food, he makes sure there’s plenty of it.

This time the garden and vineyard was looking superb, and I managed to remember to take some before and after photos of the crowd – around 75 guests this year! The Redbank mini-Toast and Taste Martinborough is rapidly becoming one of the Christmas functions.


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