New Release: James Syrah 2008

Such an exciting day today, we released our 2008 James Syrah.

It’s even more thrilling when you make it yourself.

Well, almost ourselves, because this was before our winery was fully equipped.

This is the Syrah we took over the road to Larry McKenna’s, at Escarpment, to go through his destemmer, into his tank, and remain there to be plunged. Larry, who loves making Syrah – he was Australia’s foremost Syrah maker, some would argue, before moving to New Zealand – brought it back here and pumped it into our barrels.

It stayed in the barrrels for a good 18 months before bottling. Colin and I wrote the wording for the labels, and today the Syrah, along with the 2009 Viognier, was labelled and released.

A very happy day, and tonight we shall celebrate with a dinner of lamb shanks, and a bottle of our newly labelled 2008 James Syrah.

It is available on sale at the Martinborough Wine Centre, and proprietor Simon Groves, who’s now our winemaking consultant with the Syrah and Viognier (because Larry’s busy), thinks this Syrah is brilliant. We think so too – it’s quite spicey, but earthy and feral too. A good bold Syrah.


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