What you city guys miss out on

Frosty mornings with the sun breaking through.

When the alarm goes off at six am, you don’t feel like poking your head out of the bedclothes, but when the sun hits the winery, it’s worth braving the morning. I went out for dinner last night and when I came home at 11.30 the grass was already glittering with Jack Frost. Lucky me, I didn’t even have to get out and open the gate because two angels who left the dinner party ahead of me, Peter and May, stopped, opened the gate, and shut it after me, as if I were some Lady of the Manor. This morning I got up and took Ki for a walk around the vineyard, remembering to take the camera. Funny how dogs seem to like the crunchy frosty grass underfoot – it makes them prance around.

This is the weather station and this morning it measured the temperature down at minus 5.5 degrees. 

These cold mornings are good for the grapes. And it was followed by a glorious warm day. I managed to get some good gardening done; all the carpet herbs – thyme, chamomile, marjoram, and the other ground covers – cut back with Lil Juey. The weed eater’s also great for trimming the sage bushes; saves a heck of a lot of time. In fact it was so warm I stripped down to my singlet.

And yesterday I jumped over the fence and propped up one of twin lambs, and helped it totter off to mum before a hovering hawk got it, so spring can’t be far around the corner. However, I’ve learned that Frosty Jack gets tomato plants and everything else right up until Christmas Day out here in Te Muna Valley.


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