Midwinter Aesthetics

After such a lovely autumn, winter’s arrival was cruel. It hasn’t stopped raining. The chooks sulk in their house, dismally picking over the scraps I throw them and sneering at their wheat and pellets when they get damp. Kete mewls pitifully at the door. Only the ducks and the bantams are hardy enough to keep busy in these bleak times, bustling about the garden making peacharines (don’t ask!).

So I thought it was time for some beauty. Mike White, senior writer and a photographer for North & South magazine, and his partner Nikki MacDonald, senior journalist for The Dominion Post, look after Redbank when we are away. At Easter, Mike took these photographs. It’s astonishing how you can look at something every day, then someone else comes along with a photographic eye and sees beauty in it, for instance, a raggedy piece of grape net caught on a fence. He gave us a disc of more than 70 photos, but I’ve just chosen some of my favourites to put on view here. Enjoy.



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