Last Harvest 2010

Last weekend, 22 and 23 May, we picked the Viognier. In 2009 we harvested the Viognier on May 2, so it shows how much later the vintage is this year. It was a smaller crop, and the brix was down a bit, but not too bad. CCQC’s sister Robyn, and her partner Pete, came down from Auckland to help with the harvest and that made a huge difference. Their mad dog  Brewster, a designer hunting dog (I can’t remember the name of the breed) came too. If ever there was a dog candidate for ADHD this is it – he never stopped racing around like a bluebottle in a jar. The weather was kind, which was fortunate because it hasn’t stopped raining since Monday. We picked Saturday morning, from 9am to 11.30, then pressed in our brand new  basket press Saturday afternoon. Simon Groves provided the winemaker’s guiding hand (you can see him in the photos, doing the retrousse – turning over the once-pressed grapes with the white shovel so they can be re-pressed to get more juice out). Now the Viognier is innoculated, and fermenting nicely in a barrel. Here are some images from the weekend. I particularly like the deep enamel blue of the press against the blue night sky, and the pipes of the pump on the wet winery floor.


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