Absolutely Fabulous Pigs

We have new piglets. Wessex Saddlebacks again, this time purebreds. We had to go all the way to Ashurst to get them – at this time of the year everyone has bought up weaners as suckling pigs for Christmas: stuck an apple in one end and a stick up the other and turned them slowly over a spit burner. But not our little sows. Say hello to Eddie and Pats, the absolutely fabulous little piggies:

This was taken the day they arrived, a little traumatised from the journey in the trailer, and they have mud all over their noses because though they were advertised as ‘free range’, they were kept in large yards which were pretty muddy. Lovely owners though, and I’d buy again from them.

Eddie and Pats have different personalities from Crackling and Brattie. They’re calmer. They spend most of the day sleeping in their house. They’re less fussy about what they eat – they eat avocado skins, broad beans, orange skins, scallions – everything except lemon skins. Bratty and Crackling were very picky. But these girls aren’t so particular with their toilet habits – they just poop anywhere. Most unusual for pigs. Still, maybe they’ll settle down and learn to use a far corner of their paddock as the ablution block.


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