Te Muna Road Wins!

Exciting news. We have champions in our road.

On Saturday night Julicher 2008 Pinot Noir won Champion Wine of the Show at the 2009 Air New Zealand Wine Awards. When we went to bed on Saturday night we wondered why so many cars kept coming up the road. Usually it’s so quiet – and the next morning we found out. So exciting, and so deserved for Wim Julicher and Sue Darling. As well we being champions in New Zealand, their “99 Rows 2008 Pinot Noir” won the Elite Gold Medal, so it was celebrations all round.

And just over the road from the Julicher vineyard, two along from us, is Pond Paddock, vineyard of Jeff Barber and Christine Barnett. They too had a win on Saturday night with their 2008 Pinot Noir, taking a Gold Medal. So congratulations are in order up and down Te Muna Road.

Of course, this is great not just for Te Muna, but for all of Martinborough wines. To see the headline, “Martinborough Wine wins Champion Wine” is very heartwarming. After 30 years of hard work, it’s a great reward, and all the cynics said it couldn’t be done, especially in Te Muna Road. But we knew better. Especially Colin Carruthers, the first person to buy land up here for grape-growing.

We’ve only just released our 2006 Pinot Noir. Our 2008 Pinot Noir won’t be released until this time next year, at the earliest, but we opened a bottle last week, and it’s coming along very, very nicely. And, according to our tradition, we put the entire contents of one bottle in the Christmas Cake.



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