Martinborough Home & Garden Tour

Here’s a date to put in your diary – Saturday 27th March 2010. For my sins, I have been roped in to a group which is organising a Town & Country Home & Garden Tour on that date next year to raise funds for the reburbishment of the Martinborough St Andrews Anglican Church hall. It is a beautiful old hall, already used by the community for many worthwhile causes and groups, but badly in need of upgrading. Helen Campbell, a neighbour along Te Muna Road who has boundless energy, asked me to go on the “committee”. Actually, she twisted my arm up my back until I said yes, if you don’t call it a committee, if you call it a group who get together over wine to chat. And if there are no men on it, because men just want to talkee, they don’t want to doee. Well, we do have a man, but he’s the treasurer.

We have secured seven of Martinborough’s most exclusive, fabulous private homes which will be open to the public just the once, on this day, for a tour. Tickets, at $65 each, will be limited of course, and will include a gourmet lunch which Providore in Martinborough have so kindly offered to do, and will be either in a vineyard (drumroll please – which will be Redbank Estate. Yes that’s right, here among our vines), or in one of two lovely parklike garden settings, with live music, and Martinborough wines for sale by the glass.

Honestly, the houses we have (and I can’t reveal the owners’ names at this stage but I can promise you many of them are prominent New Zealand identities) are breathtakingly beautiful. And all of them are just wonderful – from the award-winning architecturally designed (two by Chris Kelly, who worked with the great Renzo Piano) to the lovingly maintained properties of Martinborough’s founding families.

Here’s a sneak peek at one property we’ve photographed for the advertising flyer which will go out in the next couple of weeks:over the hill 2

over the hill 3 (2)

over the hill

In addition, the church, which is 150 years old and extremely lovely, will be decorated as for weddings. This will be a neat day, and I’m sure the tickets will be in demand quickly when they go on sale late this month. If you want to reserve some (a great stocking stuffer) get in touch with Helen at

And thanks, of course, to our sponsors, Brackenridge Country Retreat & Spa, Property Brokers Ltd, Pain & Kershaw Ltd, and Julicher Estate.


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