Birth Notice

Born today, in a cold easterly, to Pip and Squeak (not their real names), triplets!

Mother and babies doing well, thanks to midwives DC and Taja (who is so curious but thankfully well past her duck-retrieving days). Kete refusing to have anything to do with this baby-producing nonsense and asleep in her basket. Squeak (not his real name) fluffing around the perimeters, squawking about how a man can’t get a decent cigar out in the country. Gone off to skite to Winston (hasn’t actually seen what his offspring look like yet). Phoned the QC who tried his best to sound excited, but I suspect didn’t really think it was important enough to hold up the nation’s judicial affairs and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like “cluck, cluck”. 

I’d just about given up on those eggs. I thought they were infertile and this morning I heard Kete yowling. Thinking she might just have nabbed a newly hatched duckling I thought I’d better check. She actually had a half-drowned fieldmouse, which I let her keep, and when I went to check on Pip, there she was, the proud mother of one fluffly, yellow, peeping duckling. So cute.

About two hours later I could hear more peeping so I lifted Pip up and she went berserk, and the third one was still pecking its way out of the shell, so I’ve left them to it. I shall take photos as soon as I can get her off her little darlings without her flying into a post-natal rage.

Any suggestions for names? And not Huey, Dewey and Louie. Maybe Snap, Crackle and Pop?


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