Au Revoir, Piggies

The time has come to load the piggies on the trailer and drive them to Parkvale. Last weekend we made a ramp for them to walk up into the trailer, then we parked the trailer in their yard so they could get used to it. They’re so accustomed to me now that they don’t spook at anything I do around them so they just thought it was a new toy. This week I decided I’ve give them a lovely week of big feeds of pig nuts, but I nearly overdid it, because when I went down this morning, they weren’t interested in eating at all.

They knew. They knew it was their last day. Brattie wouldn’t get out of bed, and Crackling was standing in the corner. I got in with them and we had a little chat. ‘Look here, boys,’ I said. ‘Everyone has to die. I have to die one day too, and I don’t know how I’m going to die. I might not die as quickly, and as humanely as you. I might go ga-ga and linger in a home somewhere, dribbling, losing my marbles, wearing nappies, unable to run around in my final days or hours like you guys have been able to. What’s more, after you die, you are still useful, because you are food. When I die, I’m useless, I just take up space in the ground and am no use to anyone. In fact, I’m a burden, because someone still has to look after the space in the ground I take up. They’re not allowed to eat me, which is stupid because it would make a lot more sense if they were allowed to eat me, or feed me to some pigs.’

Then I gave them a good patting, and a bit of a cuddle, and I had a little sniffle (but not too much because someone might think I was going down with swine flu), and they perked up again. Their tails curled up, and they tucked into their breakfast, and they joshed each other, and shoved each other, and I could almost hear them saying, ‘yeah, she’s right, we gotta go so let’s tuck into these pig nuts and enjoy.’

They let me take these photos: big pigs 001

I know I’m going to cry when I drop them off tomorrow but that’s nothing to be ashamed of, I reckon. As I said to someone yesterday, ‘How would you like it if you died, and nobody cried?’

big pigs 011big pigs 004big pigs 006big pigs 005big pigs 008big pigs 009big pigs 010


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