It just gets better

I ended the last journal entry with a note about some thrilling news. Well, there have been two lots. First, we collected our labelled 2008 Pinot Gris, and we think it looks really classy:pinot gris 08 006

The day I brought ten boxes home from Martinborough Winemakers’ Services, Simon Grove from the Martinborough Wine Centre came out and took two boxes for a promotion. The next day, before we could even get it to Wellington, Shed 5 restaurant, and Pravda restaurant, from the Nourish Group, already had it on their wine lists. Then three days later, Arbitrageur also added it to their wine list.

Once again, this wine was made by Jane Cooper at Matahiwi and she’s very pleased with the result. It’s a lovely pinot gris, not too dry. You can still taste the fruit.

The other good news came from over the road at Escarpment. I dropped off samples of our 2008 Syrah, which was made by Larry McKenna, and our 2009 Syrah, to test for the total acid (t/a) and ph.  The 2008 has been in six oak barrels in our winery since May 2008, topped up by us, and Larry confirmed the malo has now completed and it is “exactly where we want it to be, it’s about right” with the ph at 3.59 and the t/a at 6.2. So when we’ve finished plunging the 2009 syrah and racked it off into barrels, we’ll look at bottling that 2008 syrah.

The 2009 syrah’s test results were also very good with the ph at 3.42 and the t/a at 7, according to Larry “it’s okay…I’d personally leave it alone, maybe add acid when it’s finished fermenting.” This from the master winemaker himself, who doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. So we are well pleased.


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