Holy Cow

Farmer John received the biggest April Fool’s joke of all on Wednesday morning. He was bringing his cows in off the hill for pregnancy testing and one of them was very reluctant to shift. She alone knew she didn’t need testing, in fact, she gave birth that morning:calf-001

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was coming home from singing practice. I saw this lone cow in the holding paddock, screetched to a halt, and there was this little calf tottering around beside her. calf-002Is it an early calf, or a late calf? That is the question we are all asking. And it doesn’t pay to inquire about the sire – possibly a very close relative. Hopefully the rest of the girls won’t produce until July, but it looks like this mother will have a relatively easy winter from now on, as it doesn’t pay to let a bull calf like this run rampant through a herd.

And on another bad news, sad news note, Farmer Pete’s huntaway bitch had her puppies but they all died soon after they were born. Despite rushing mother and puppies to the vet, none survived. Such a shame, as we were so excited about the thought of a new arrival here at Redbank. We’ve put the word out, though, that we’re on the hunt for a good pup. It’s dog trials in Martinborough this weekend so we’ll see what turns up.

As Farmer John chuckled, at the moment his farm seems to produce live offspring when they’re not wanted, and dead offspring when they’re very much wanted. That’s farming.calf-003


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