Pip and Squeak

Look at these two. bantams-007

I bought them a few weeks back, along with three pheasants which have since flown the coop (though I’ve found one living in the Pinot Noir). They are Silkie Bantams and they are very shy. So shy, in fact, that they don’t want their names made public, so we’ll just call them Pip and Squeak. Pip is the female, very bossy (why are we not surprised?): bantams-003

And Squeak is the male, more reticent but starting to flap his wings and act like a rooster should: bantams-005

They’ve begun to follow me around like little dogs and aren’t nearly as pushy as the chooks. The chooks! The chooks keep me occupied chasing them off the verandahs all afternoon. Even after I’ve hosed off all the kaka, they deliberately march up on the boards and drop their squishy calling cards. But they won’t do this for long. I’m getting a huntaway pup soon, and I’m going to train him/her to chase the chooks off the verandahs.

Meanwhile, back to my little poultry version of a bichon frise. Isn’t she cute, with her little blue earrings? Beats a Kelburn/Remuera ankle biter any day: bantams-006


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