Extolling the praises of Littl’ Juey

Yes, I know I’ve raved about Littl’ Juey before, but this New Zealand invention is so damned good it deserves to take another bow. It was recommended to me by Farmer Stu, who lives up the road and got married recently to the lovely Rosie (bad photo, but you get the picture). That’s Farmer Stu with the buttonhole, and not sure who his bride’s talking to, obviously someone who wishes he was marrying her.rosie-stuart-0011

Farmer Stu teases me a bit, but we put up with it because he’s a nice man.

Back to Littl’ Juey. Unlike other line trimmers, or weed eaters, this one doesn’t have a spool of nylon which constantly breaks and has you stopping what you’re doing, which is sweating away at cutting the grass, and unwinding the spool then trying to get it all back into the blimmin’ thing without it all coming unwound again. And without me coming unwound. I tell you, it tries the temper.

Littl’ Juey has one piece of nylon. I’ve shown two here, so you can see them. little-juey-001

You thread them through a hole in the centre piece, tighten it up with a little metal spike, then away you go.little-juey-002

The shaft looks like this:little-juey-003

And you can take this:little-juey-004

And turn it into this:little-juey-005

So get on down to your friendly Mitre 10 and get a Littl’ Juey (“Kicks Grass!”) or visit www.littljuey.com






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