Naughty Little Piggies

pigs-001Meet Bratwurst and Crackling. They are two months old, and we got them two weeks ago from a delightful pig lady called Rose in Eketahuna. She breeds pigs, and all sorts of chooks and bantams, and like me, she loves pigs. I found them on TradeMe, and put them in sacks in the back of the car to bring home. You can see the lovely pig-pen that Colin built for them, and I’ve had to put a hotwire around the inside to stop them escaping into the vineyard. They did that when I first brought them home, and it was the funniest thing, seeing my daughter from London sprinting after this little pig with his ears flapping, looking over his shoulder, to see if she was getting closer. You can’t catch a pig – you just have to tempt them back into their house with food.pigs-003

That’s Crackling in front. He’s the friendliest, but probably Bratwurst (Brattie) is the smartest. They are Wessex Saddlebacks, which is why they are black, but this is better for free-range, outdoor pigs because they don’t get sunburned in our heat. They are both boars, and cousins.pigs-005

As you can see, they have heaps of lovely long grass to root around in, eat, and generally get lost in. Pigs are such clean animals. For the first week I kept them in the small enclosure around their lovely house, and they always did their kaka and mimi in the far corner away from their food and water. Always in the same place, which made it very easy for me to clean out and store as manure for the rambling roses I planted around the perimeter of their pen yesterday. Lovely old roses, with strong perfumes – Alberic Barbier and Vita Sackville West’s favourite rose – Blanc Double de Coubert.

In this photo you can see the white saddleback on Brattie, which for some reason, Crackling missed out on: pigs-008

Here’s their snug house, which we bought ready-made from East Taratahi Timbers in Carterton. It’s filled with pea straw inside and at night they cuddle up together with their noses buried in the straw. Happy as pigs in, well, straw! pigs-011

Here’s the QC feeding the pigs, and the little piggies eating up their dinner. I know what you’re thinking, I’ll get too attached to them and won’t be able to turn them into roast pork, sausages, bacon, and ham but I’ll have to because they are boars and you can’t keep boars – they get too vicious and unmanageable. That’s why I’ll never get sows. And at least they will have a happy life before they die. What we all wish for, really. pigs-012



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