“A Return to Nature”, Jutta Chisholm

At last we have, on the far wall of our main room, a beautiful large oil painting which Colin has owned for some years and which was hanging in the board room of his chambers. Much to the vexation of his partners, I cajoled my way into having this very big painting moved over the hill and into our house. It was too big to go down the lift of his building, so had to be taken out of its frame, then reassembled in our garage before being carefully hung on our wall. It is by Eastbourne, Wellington, artist Jutta Chisholm and is called “A Return to Nature”. I really love it, and could look at it all day long. We also have hung, around the corner on a smaller wall, Jutta’s explanation of the painting, which is too long to reprint here, but which I believe is pertinent to today’s world. Here are some extracts, followed by my photograph of the painting which, I’m sure you understand, does not do it justice:

“A Return to Nature seeks to engage the viewer in a meditative and contemplative appreciation of its subject. It’s a tranquiliser for today’s heady pace, where we are offered an explosion of images, to an extent where our senses are dulled and life becomes superficial. The simplicity of its composition is emphasised by its grand scale and in being so, draws us into a more intent focus on those images we would usually overlook. What we do see is an idealised, unpolluted world where nature is benign and peaceful. Unlike the Romantic artists from whom the painting quotes stylistically, nature is seen not as threatening, but threatened. In our returning to a more natural state we are offered one last chance; for Nature’s survival is ultimately our own.”



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