Sterilisation, Patience, and Time

It’s a sitting around day today. David Bull, who with his wife Winifred own Cabbage Tree Vineyard in Martinborough, has been assisting us with the making of our viognier – all 50 litres of it. This is the 2008 vintage, which we have fussed over as if it were our firstborn. Now it’s ready for bottling – Monday morning at 9am – and I have to sterilise the bottles. That means soaking them in a sort of caustic soda for one hour, then rinsing them in a citric acid solution. These are 60 bottles I’ve recycled from our Pinot Noir. So you work out the maths! It’s going to take me 12 hours, since I only have enough solution to soak five bottles at any one time. So in between soakings, I’m making a banana cake and doing this blog, which was really just an excuse to show you yet another wonderful scene from the back road to Masterton (we went up this morning to buy a chainsaw). This is a beautiful old barn, lovingly cared for, in a paddock of straw stubble. It reminds me of ‘Wizard of Oz’ Dorothy’s Aunt Em’s barn:red-barn


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