Christo in Wairarapa

I have to go into the city today. I hate going into the city, especially now I have this little family here – two horses, dog, cat, six chooks & a rooster and – da da da da – three golden pheasants and a pair of silkie bantams. Bought yesterday in Featherston and settling in nicely. They’re only young’uns, so the male pheasant hasn’t shown his colours yet, but they’re very sweet. The bantams are all fluff and cheep.

But Mum needs to go to the dentist, so into the capital city we shall go this afternoon. If you need examples of why this landscape is so hard to tear oneself away from, here are just a few I captured over the weekend:

The moon and venus. back-road-001In the evening, about 8.30 to 9.00, shortly before this photo was taken, a sudden change occurs in the vineyard. We notice it when there’s no wind, and we’re finishing dinner out on the verandah. We think it may be the change in photosynthesis – from CO2 in and oxygen out, to oxygen in and CO2 out – but this amazing scent arises from the air, a sort of earthy, barnyard, true Pinot Noir aroma. It’s delicious. I took these photos looking up over the horses’ paddock at the new moon and Venus:back-road-003back-road-005



There’s a back road through to Masterton, our nearest large town, with stunning rural landscapes. I noticed when we were 4WD-trekking in the South Island, the large number of little old country churches still very much in use. Unfortunately, in the North Island, far too many have fallen into disrepair, or been bought and shifted by trendies who turn them into houses. But at Gladstone, not far from us, is a lovely Anglican Church very well kept:back-road-006






Right now farmers are bailing hay and straw in preparation for winter (though yesterday I noticed Farmer John’s feeding out to his ewes, possibly as a result of so much pasture being burned away). These rows of bailage reminded me of art by Belgian-American artist/sculpture Christo who does those amazing wrapped images, surrounded islands, and the lovely umbrellas in Japan (read about it here).back-road-013back-road-010

Then just as I was about to get back in the car, this little goat bleated hello, and that reminded me of the late, great New Zealand photographer, Robin Morrison. back-road-014


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