Back at work and out of shape

Phew, two weeks of sitting on your toosh in a truck all day makes you soft and flabby. Plus I ate too much – stopping for lunch, stopping for icecreams, then there was the Christmas cake and chocolates to finish up so we didn’t bring them all the way home again.

Since we’ve been home we’ve bought three trailerloads of mushroom compost and spread it over the gardens. We’ve shifted two trailerloads of pine mulch across from the far side of the property, dumped it in piles ready to go on the orchard and the front garden. We’ve weeded all the back gardens. We’ve taken delivery of our new chook house and pig house (today), and I managed to buy 10 bales of pea straw cheaply by picking it up myself and carting it here. And we’ve had the horses hooves trimmed by Colin, the fantastic farrier.

Colin (my Colin, not the farrier) came home two nights ago with a new present for me – a Littl’Juey line electric line trimmer. I’d stuffed the old one, and this is a new invention, far superior. While the old line trimmers had a continuous spool of nylon that always busted, then you spent hours undoing the head, spooling out the line, lining it up with the holes and screwing the top down quickly before it all sprang apart, Littl’Juey has one piece of nylon threaded through the head. When you wear that out, you simply thread another piece through. It does a marvellous job, and I love it. See more at

And it’s been so hot! Day before yesterday, Monday, some areas of the country were boasting the temperature reached 35 degrees but in our vineyard, according the Harvest, we reached 40 degrees. It was unbelievable – too hot to even go outside.

But now all the nets are on, the guys finished today, and cross fingers the wind won’t tear them off this year. There’s a few holes, and a fair bit of mending for me to do, but this time we might have outwitted those pesky starlings.

Tomorrow I’m going to collect my six new chooks, and their rooster, from Trevor the chook man.


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