Holiday Over, Return to Base

We’re back! Well, almost. The hiatus in postings is due to our two-week journey around the South Island of New Zealand in a four-wheel-drive, or all-terrain-vehicle. Only two more nights and we’ll be home again to see what’s happening with the vintage. We haven’t fretted, however; we know the vines are in the safe hands of Rowan, Jane, and Nick. I spoke with Jane a few days ago who said the canopy looks “fantastic”. So we agreed, with alacrity and confidence, to the request from a photographer  doing a job for Audit New Zealand, wanting to shoot photos of auditors in a nice vineyard. Redbank’s first modelling assignment!

Before we return, we have a day out at d’Urville Island in the Marlborough Sounds tomorrow, and we’ll stay the night with friends out there. We’ve had a fabulous time, and I have masses of photos to share, but meanwhile here’s three shots of our terrifying descent down Birch Topping, in Canterbury, led by guide Mike Powell. I didn’t squeak once, and Colin’s driving was superb.4x4-0544x4-052



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