We now have two horses. Lily arrived two weeks ago, and has already settled in to her new home – 110 acres of hill paddock with lush grass, a stream to splash about in, and big, shady trees where she can escape the heat.

She’s bossy, ill-mannered, big with hooves like soup plates, and adorable:lily-001

She was bred in Gisborne, has much Clydesdale in her and some thoroughbred, but essentially she’s a Jigsaw puzzle horse – a bit of this and a bit of that. She’s already pushing Smitty around but he doesn’t seem to mind, he’s just so happy to have a friend who, unlike me, stays with him all night.


Lily’s an appalling guts – when I feed them I have to keep their boxes well apart because she tries to put her snout into her box, then backs around to threaten Smitty with her kicking back legs if he wants to eat his food. Poor Smitty, but he’s so love-struck he just lets her get away with anything! Smitty, Smitty, Smitty – you must assert yourself and not be so mare-whipped.



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