A Milestone!

We had a fantastic surprise this morning. Colin & David (his brother from Melbourne) decided to go for a walk over the paddocks into Martinborough. There is a public walkway across private farmland (courtesy of the generous farmers – just shut the gates and beware of bulls) and I said I’d go in to collect them, and we’d have lunch at the Village Cafe, which is part of the Martinborough Wine Centre.

When Colin phoned to say they’d arrived, he said, “Guess which wine on the blackboard is the best-selling red wine of the moment?” James Pinot Noir 2005! This is just so exciting for us, and a fantastic weekend for such publicity because the town is packed (no accommodation left) because Alana Estate are having a big outdoor concert with John Cougar Mellencamp and Sheryl Crow. All those people will see that our wine is doing fabulously – and there is no better wine critic than the public drinker.

So I rushed right on in there and took a photo:


It’s a lovely walk, if you ever come to Martinborough. You can either depart from Shooting Butts Road in Martinborough and walk to Te Muna Road, or vice versa. We go up through Smitty’s paddock and into town (I say ‘we’, but truth be told, I’ve never done it). They had a good old time, found some wild rosemary, and took photos looking back down at our house (me in the vege garden planting corn, tomatoes, lettuces, carrots and radishes), then across the meadows into Martinborough:


Now I have to go up the hill and catch Smitty because his girlfriend is arriving this afternoon – Lily – who’s going to be Colin’s horse. Smitty hasn’t seen another horse for more than 12 months so it will be very interesting to see his reaction.


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