Still Frosty

The Te Muna Road valley burst into life at around two o’clock this morning with frost machines going flat out, Rowan driving around our vineyard lighting the frost pots, and others scooting about protecting the tender new vine buds. Checking out the Redbank site on “Harvest”, however, the temperature didn’t drop into below zero, but there’s snow on them thar hills. When we went to bed around 10.30 last night the bright, cold, clear moon shining into the bedroom somehow told us there would be danger of frost.

It’s an anxious time, but all is well when you wake to a beautiful sunny day – this is what it looked like at 6am, when I got up to let Kete out. It’s such glorious weather, we’re going to steal a day and head out to Riversdale Beach to see the whanau and the tamariki, and hopefully catch some kai moana.


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