Pahaoa Beach

Today was a good day for docking, but yesterday was miserable with rain all day, and a cold southerly wind, so we decided to drive out to the coast and check out some potential fishing spots. Colin put the rod in the car, just in case. We’re only about 30 kilometres from the southern Wairarapa coast here, but the road’s pretty twisty and turny, so it takes about 45 minutes.

We headed out past Hinakura to Pahaoa and the amazing Glendhu Rocks:

Amazing what the weather can do. About 100 metres away from this outcrop, is another hunk of rocks chiselled in the opposite direction, upon which perches a bach:Then if you turn and look back up the valley, whence we came, you can see how beautiful this spot is. That lagoon in the foreground is a great fishing spot at high tide. Since the tide wasn’t right when we were there yesterday, we didn’t try our luck, but next time we’ll be sure to get some kahawai to take home for sashimi (the best fish for sashimi, in my opinion, so long as you bleed it when you catch it), and also to smoke over some grape prunings.

I cannot walk along a beach without picking up stones or shells (it used to drive my children crazy) and hiding them in the car to bring home. This beach had the most extraordinary white, pink, and grey rocks. I also collect heart-shaped stones, and found three beauties:So it was a lovely day, despite the gloominess of the weather. I was interested to see the abundance of kowhai trees on the road out there – flowering profusely which is supposed to mean a long hot summer ahead. They do look wonderful out in the bush, naturally growing, as they should be. Somehow I just can’t get used to them in suburban gardens, especially when people plant them alongside their flowering cherry trees. The yellow and pink blossoms just don’t really go together (although my grandmother always used to say that flowers can’t clash). But it just reminds me of those inedible, ghastly, licorice allsorts.



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