Action Stations

Our fertigation tank is finished at last. That word – fertigation – it sounds like something slightly dodgy that goes on down among the vines, a bit like that word ‘defalcation’ – when lawyers scamper off with clients’ funds, but which actually sounds like something dogs do in parks.

But I digress. The fertigation tank, which has been some months in the making, is installed alongside the washdown area. I thought it was just going to be another tank, like a water tank, except capable of taking fertiliser to be mixed with water and pumped through the irrigation system on to the vines. But take a look at this:

Ray, from Holmes Construction (who built our house, winery and shearers’ quarters) has been back and forth, ably assisted and guided by Ken Raynes from Focus Projects, who was the project manager of our house. Ken visited several wineries around the district to check out problems they had encountered with their washdown areas, and fertigation tanks, and designed ours to avoid the pitfalls. Ray is a master at working out how to solve a problem, so that yesterday, when they came to put the tank on its legs and install the staircase and platform, he quickly solved the problem of attaching the old fertigation tank legs to the new stand. It looks very grand indeed, and you can see Taja had to help me check it out:

Meanwhile, Rowan has finished putting out the frostpots – all in a neat line at the end of the vine rows. He too is mechanically minded, and has devised a superb system which will hopefully see the end of the days when we had to go along constantly righting the pots which had been blown over by the wind. Rowan has cut down warratahs (iron standards), bashed them into the ground, then hooped number eight wire over the base of the pot to stabilise it. Good old number eight wire – where would we kiwis be without it? Up unmentionable creek without a paddle, that’s where.



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