Snow, Frost & Ice – RedbankJames’s WineBlog

In New York I got blisters on my feet from walking around in the heat wearing sandals. Back in Martinborough I’m in danger of getting chilblains. This morning was another cracker, glittering frost, but of course we then have beautiful warm days. Off to tennis at 9am, then back home to throw my bicycle in the back of the wagon and drive to Featherston to cycle with my friends around the country lanes, chattering and looking at some of the lovely old houses.

On the way over, the snow on the Tararua Ranges was spectacular – white against the blue sky – and I made a mental note to take a photo. Of course, when I got home, however, finished my Herald column and sent it off, then went back into town and out the other side, much of the snow had melted. However, this gives you some idea of the gorgeous view we have when we drive towards Featherston:

Then on the way home, I stopped at the “look out” and took a photo overlooking the little township of Martinborough. As you can see, if you don’t know this place (and I know I have a number of overseas readers now), it is very tiny. But, like all things in small packages, perfectly formed.

If you look at the photo, beyond the town to the hills, that’s the direction in which we live. One of those hills is Smitty’s paddock (though yesterday I went up the hill and brought him back down into the vineyard). You’ll also get some idea of how much the proposed wind farm will dominate the view – 65 giant wind machines will march along the horizon and turn this largely unspoilt landscape into an industrial site. It’s vandalism, in my view. I’m not totally opposed to windfarms, but between here and the coast there are far more appropriate, and more isolated, sites on which to build one. I suspect the energy company planning this site prefers it because of easier access. Well, my advice to them is, if you want to construct your windfarm with the least resistance and objection from the community – talk to us. Don’t buy a fight.


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