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Home, and New York is but a lovely memory. No matter how long your stay is, in this most exciting of cities, it’s never enough. New York is the disease of more, and already I’m planning, and saving up for, my next trip when I’ll do all the things I didn’t have time for last week.

Colin was a distinguised guest of the American Bar Association and therefore we were assigned hosts – John and Justine Krsul. I googled them, as you do, read the brief profile, and thought we were in for several days with some fusty old Michigan barrister and his wife. They googled us, as you do, and thought they were in for a stuck-up ex parliamentarian. How wrong can you be. We couldn’t have asked for more wonderful hosts, and when we said our final goodbyes, I felt like one of the family.

On the Sunday Justine took me around the best department stores – Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendels – then we met the others for lunch at Central Park’s Inn on the Park, joined by one of their daughters, the stunningly attractive Mary, and her beautiful, lovely, totally unpretentious daughter Katie.

Below, l to r, Colin, Mary, John, Deborah, Justine

Their older daughter, Ann, whom we didn’t meet, is a successful architect who divides her practice between Chicago and New York.

Right, Colin & Katie





On the final night of the conference we went to a black tie dinner high up in the Rockefeller Centre at the famous and gorgeous Rainbow Room, where we sipped bellini, danced to a wonderful orchestra on the revolving dance floor where once foxtrotted Ginger Rogers and Paul McCartney (not together, of course), then wandered home through the thoroughly Park Avenue. As Paul Theroux once wrote, you can’t improve on bliss.

The four of us

We two\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


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