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The Tin Hut pub and restaurant at Tauherenikau (pronounced Terryneekow by locals) has had a chequered history, into which I shall not go. Just north of Featherston, adjacent to the racecourse, it has managed to survive and for that we can be grateful.

Because it has become something of our local – each Friday we go over for lunch. It’s now owned and run by Marcus, ex Brasserie Flipp, and the food, service and ambience is very good. It’s not fine dining, but who wants that in the country? Home-made pies such as steak and kidney, curried mince, served with mash or fries – that’s good comfort food. You can also have thai curry chicken, fish and chips, salads, hearty soups – and the wine list is sophisticated without being prohibitively expensive. We had a perfectly charming Australian Shiraz last Friday – Climbing label.


According to the promotion, The Tin Hut dates back to 1857. It bills itself as “ideal for parties, family get-togethers, weddings, birthdays, corporate retreats or just a pie & a beer or coffee”. I couldn’t agree more.

It’s about time New Zealand started boasting some decent smart country pub food – and don’t copy the Brits and call them gastro pubs, please. Can we be more original than that?

Out the back of the dining room you can be entertained for hours by a kunekune pig, guinea fowl, chooks, one lone peahen, a donkey, a large dog, ducks, and other assorted members of the Tin Hut’s menagerie.

Marcus is pretty entertaining too.

We’re off to New York first thing in the morning. I know it’s naff to be excited at my age, but I’m sooo excited I just can’t wait. Haven’t been to La Grosse Pomme for 26 years and we will certainly enjoy the hot weather. We’ll blog from Manhattan.


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