The Best Pruners are right here – RedbankJames’s WineBlog

The pruners are back – wielding their skills on the lower terraces of Pinot Noir, and Rowan had good news to impart.

The New Zealand Winegrowers Association runs a nationwide pruning competition. The pruners are judged on time, then the judges inspect the quality and skills used. The Wellington Regional finals, held down the road from us at Craggy Range, were won by (drumroll please)….

Vine Managers!

The team of three – Sean (Rowan’s cousin, who also became engaged to be married in the weekend), Bevan and Rick – collected $100 each and go on to the national finals in Christchurch at the Bragato conference.

Sean’s not sure if the national winning team goes to France to the world champs – the prize which will be collected by the national individual winner – but we’re pretty excited they’ve got this far.

Well done guys – must have been all the bossing about by Rowan.


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