Welcome to the WineBlog of RedbankJames – Wind Turbines

It’s the most heavenly day today – not a breath of wind nor cloud in the sky. The cat’s lolling around on the verandah, the dog’s sought shelter (having fully recovered from her stroke), and we’ve managed to make much headway with the pruning of the Pinot Noir. Yesterday was more glowering, but we took the chance to walk up and over the hill to feed the horse and appreciate this beautiful part of the world where we live. Smitty lives in a 110-acre paddock, kindly loaned by Farmer John, who also, very generously, allows walkers to roam over his property so they can enjoy a two-hour walk between Martinborough and Te Muna Road. I remembered to take the camera up with me, and took these shots. Isn’t it glorious:

As we walked up, I turned around and Colin was framed in this lovely valley – could have been a Welsh valley, and if you look at the hills behind, you’ll have some idea of the view we wake up to every morning, and around which we designed our house. Almost every window is positioned to take advantage of this view. Have a look, then I’ll show you what is planned for these glorious hills, known locally as the Canoes of Kupe:

Meridian Energy are planning to put 65 wind turbines along the ridge. I totally agree with artist Grahame Sydney – this is vandalism and just because a landscape isn’t pretty-pretty, doesn’t mean it’s not worth preserving as a natural landscape. Who wants industrialised landscapes everywhere? Not many people, I’d wager. This is what these hills will look like if Meridian Energy obtains permission to put up its windfarm here:

I rest my case.


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