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We’re not vegetarians, but we do like to know that animals have a good life before they’re eaten. Personally, too, I believe you should be prepared to kill your meat if you eat it. That is, if you’re not prepared to understand that an intelligent animal must die for you to eat meat, then you should be a vegetarian. Anyway, that’s just what I think and I wouldn’t force that view on to everyone else, unlike the fascists who splatter red paint over butcher shop windows, and invade chicken farms destroying people’s livelihoods.

Having said that, it still breaks me up when animals die – more so when they suffer. I posted a photo of Taja, our aged Labrador bitch, a fews posts back. On Monday I had to take her to the vet because of her arthritis, and because she had an infected sore on her tummy. The vet gave her a penicillin injection and she immediately had a stroke – very stresssed, panting, then falling over and tilting her head sideways. It was horrible, but Liz, the vet, gave her an antihistamine injection to counter the penicillin reaction and I took her home, prepared for the worst. We kept her in by the fire all night, and in the morning, though she wasn’t as stressed, she was still pretty groggy, obviously lost her eyesight, and tottering around. However, she still wagged her tail and went outside to go to the loo. I rang Liz and asked her to come out so we could discuss what to do. This is a terrible decision time for pet owners – do we let the animal live longer, so we can postpone the awful grieving, or do we put them out of their misery. I cried a river, while Liz examined Taja then explained that she’s still happy, still relatively independent in that she can still toilet herself, still eating albeit minute amounts, so we should give her a week and she might improve. Well that was a relief, and blow me down, later that morning when I went out to the paddock to feed Smitty Taja insisted on coming with me, through the mud, down the hill, over the creek (where we found the sick calf) and back home again. It’s amazing how resilient and determined animals can be when they want to carry on with a normal seeming life. So each day is a bonus for Taja right now. She’s really enjoying the fuss, but will only eat cat food (it’s a treat, since she’s usually growled at for pinching the cat’s food), and we’ll see how she is in a week’s time.

So here she is, the elderly stroke patient, and refusing to acknowledge the camera in the way only cats can, is Kete:


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